ISSD is designed to help educators, parents and professionals secure the materials they need to instruct their students. This unique service specifically focuses on the needs of youngsters, adolescents and young adults whose learning is impacted by learning disabilities, language disorders, attention deficit disorder, mild closed head injury and/or mild mental retardation.

We all know that sometimes, despite our best efforts, things don’t get done the way we’d planned. Life seems to get in the way. A child has a disability that impacts his or her learning. The educator knows both what needs to be done and that there are instructional materials out there, but he/she doesn’t have the time or the resources to research all the options. The professional outside the educational arena has a sense of what’s needed, but doesn’t have the instructional expertise to pick and choose which materials are best. The parent who lives with the child day-to-day sees the implications of the disability on school and daily living, but doesn’t know where to begin to help.

PST Educational Consultants’ ISSD can be of assistance. We know where the best publishers are, which types of materials they specialize in, and how effective those materials have been in addressing student needs.

To start the process, you (parent, educator or professional) provide information that is used to create the child’s profile. Specific questions collect student data; the child’s name is not required. Then, you make choices, telling us two things: what topics you want to address and what types of materials you want to use. What do you want to teach? We provide a list of topics that you choose from… reading comprehension? study skills? time concepts? Then, what instructional approach do you want to use? Remedial materials? Materials that provide information about appropriate compensatory strategies? Educational software? You fill out the forms provided here, make a print copy, and forward that information to us by mail or fax.

Based on this information, various educational resources will be researched. The Research Only (RO) Plan uses the description of the student to research options to meet that student’s unique needs across publishers/curricular materials. Under the RO Plan, the results of these research efforts will be forwarded to you at the email address provided, with hardcopy also sent to the street address provided. The Purchase and Shipping (PS) Plan uses the RO results to purchase materials on behalf of the registrant, checking to see that those materials meet the specified needs. PST will then gather and ship all materials to the registrant as one package. Under both plans, you are charged a flat fee for services rendered.

PST’s ISSD service will provide support to all those who work with students who have neuro-cognitive disorders; parents, professionals and teachers. We know the world of special education from assessment through instructional intervention. Let our fingers do the walking for you; let our years of experience select and collect to better meet your student’s needs.

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