Which Natural Premature Ejaculation Method To Choose?

Are you dealing with premature ejaculation nowadays? You are not alone; there are lots of people who get suffer from premature ejaculation. Before we go far, do you know what a premature ejaculation is? If you are not sure anything about it, I will tell you what is a premature ejaculation. So, PE is one of the uncontrolled ejaculation. Sometimes this is happening either when you are penetrating in your sex intercourse, or it can occur before you penetration. You can’t control the process; this is also happening with the minimum stimulation of the sex, and before you wish, that’s why I said you couldn’t control it. The effect of the delaying ejaculation is reducing satisfaction sex intercourse for both of you and your partner. Some people may think this as the problem.

The Cause

Do you know what are the causes of PE? This case is something that you can’t control, so the most of the cases you cannot predict the cause. Sometimes it happens because you change your partner in sex intercourse, this can affect the ejaculation.

Which method that you can choose?

Actually, you do not need any medicine or treatment to delay ejaculation. You just need to do something; there are several ways and methods which can help you to stop PE. So, here are the methods:

  • You just need to cut down and stopping on the use of drugs, cigarette, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • You can try to use a condom (for temporary) in order to help you reduce the sensation of the penis. I recommend you to use a thick condom when you are making love with your partner because use a thick condom can help you to help decrease sensation.
  • Try another sex position and talk to your partner about your problem, they may understand.
  • Try to use the stop-start technique. This method called stop and starts, this way, can help you have last longer while you sex intercourse with your partner. First, you should masturbate and ask your partner to help you. Then after that at the point, you feel climax hold them, stop them and take a deep breath try to relax. After you relax and calm, can control yourself repeat the process.
  • The fourth technique called “squeeze.” You have to make your partner squeeze your penis during foreplay. You should do this until the urge of the ejaculation gone. Try to repeat and again this technique. It may help you to reduce premature ejaculation.
  • Another effective way is to use natural supplements like Prosolution Plus. Here’s more on this blog

This also may help you to overcome premature ejaculation:

  • You need to make yourself masturbate before having sex with your partner. You can do it an hour or two before you sex intercourse with your girlfriend or wife.
  • Ask your partner to do sex while she is on the top (woman on top). Some people say that this is the best position to reduce premature ejaculation.
  • The use of the topical anesthetics. This method also can help you to reduce premature ejaculation, but you should deal with some side effect of the anesthetics. The use of the anesthetics like lidocaine or procaine causing decreased sensation of the sex intercourse.

But guys, before you do something make sure you asked your doctor first about your problem.

How Does Penis Pumps Work?


Penis pump has become a well-known device for men today. There’re some causes why men decide to use this tool. A penis pump can be used as the natural treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). This disorder has become very common for men these days. A vacuum pump is a natural alternative to popular medication like Viagra or Cialis. Since it will give the less risk for its user, this device can be the perfect choice for you. When you’re making love with your lover then you can’t erect, you can only use this pump.

A penis pump can be used as enlargement method as well. This device is popular because it’s easy and safe to use. It can also be cheaper than the other medical treatment like surgery. In this article, I’ll tell you about how X4Labs penis pumps work at GoForSize.com

How does it work?


This pump primarily consists of 3 parts which are a plastic tube, pump bulb and release valve. The plastic tube or suction chamber will fit over your penis. The pump bulb which is medically approved will take your blood pressure. While the release valve used to take out the weight. Penis pump works mainly to enhance the blood flow to your penis. This pump will keep your erection, so it’s sufficient for sex.

How to use it?

To use the penis pump, you need to place over your penis first. It can be pumped by hand. Following that, you need to pump the air in order to make the vacuum. The vacuum makes it swell and will draw blood to the shaft of a dick, and you will become erect. Then when your dick is erect, the retaining band can slide down onto the lower end of your penis. It’s possible for you to make use of lubricant’s help to do that measure. After that, the pump can be removed by you. It is possible to do sex together with the constriction band set up to allow you to take care of the erection. It’s possible for you to hold this group for half an hour to get the result that is successful.



If you take this method regularly, it can gradually enlarge your penis size. This has been proven by many men who have used this pump for an extended period of time. Besides, this tool will be easy to maintain. You can clean your pump with the warm water and soap. You should also consider about the tube size. You should pick the size which suit to your penis size so it won’t be too big or too small. This is important so that the penis pump can give the proper amount of pressure to your penis.

Tips To Lift The Sagging Breasts


Are you tired of sagging breasts? Do you feel like there is nothing you can do about it? Well, you are wrong.

For women, gravity can often be an enemy. With these three tips, you do not have to fear gravity anymore. What I suggest for sagging breasts are three exercises that you can perform every day to promote lovely lifted breasts.

The first exercise is that something that you can do every day in a shower. It is easy. Just take a washcloth and placing your hands upright and pull up in strong motions. Downward pulling motion should equal the strength of upward pulling motion.

Then after 10 to 20 repetitions of that movement with your washcloth, move into the second position horizontally. Now you want to concentrate on pulling the washcloth. Pull using the muscles of the chest and not arms. And what this is doing is tightening your muscles underneath the fatty tissues.

Quick challenge: clasp your hands together locking them in place – then push together as hard as you can. You will feel and see an upward lifting motion and not to mention results.

Second is a tip to becoming part of your daily routine. Proper moisturizing of the skin to promote healthy skin cells that will able to create that electricity that you need ti lift and shape your breasts.


And last but not least is an exercise that you can do in your leisure times – swimming. Once you are in the freestyle motion of swimming, that works your pectoral muscles and promotes a lifted appearance.


If you do these tips that I gave you on a regular basis, you can prevent your breasts from sagging and lift up your sagging breasts. And do not forget about healthy diet, regular exercising, enough sleep. This is also very important for the nice breast look.

How to Naturally Increase Sperm Volume

Many men want to know about how to increase naturally sperm volume. In fact, having a high quality of sperm is a sign that your body is in a good condition. Due to that reason, you have to make sure that you do something about it. Here you will know several ways to increase sperm volume in an instant. Having normal sperm volume is the hope of all men, especially if you want to make your condition becomes good. It is true that having the best quality of body will be able to give you the things that you need. Don’t hesitate to do several steps below so that you can make your condition becomes good again.

Increase sperm volume in simple and easy steps.

Consuming Herbal Enhance Pills


First, you can try to consume herbal enhance pills so that you can make the amount of your sperm volume increase. By choosing an herbal product, you can solve the problem that you have easily. In addition, you have to consider not using the chemical product. When you use a chemical product, it will give negative side effects to your body. In the end, you will make the quality of your body becomes bad later on. Actually, you have to make sure that you choose the best enhance pill so that the problem that you have will be solved in an instant.

Having Good Lifestyle Every Day


Having good lifestyle is a good way that you can do to increase sperm volume. It is a good idea to eat vegetables and fruits every day. If you consume vegetables and fruits, you will be able to make your body becomes healthy in an instant. Having a healthy body can make you become amazing in an instant. It is time for you to make the quality of your body becomes amazing with a good way. By choosing the best method, you will realize how it can give you quick and herbal effects in an instant.

Consuming Honey


Consuming honey is another way that you can do to increase sperm volume that you have. You can try to consume it from now on. Honey consists of a natural ingredient which is good for men, especially if you want to make your stamina of sexual come back again. Honey will become the best solution in here. In addition, this best option of the product is available with affordable cost. It means you don’t need to spend much budgets to own it.