Links of Interest

As a professional courtesy, the following links are reliable interest resources for further information:

Go to: ‘Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate’ for reading on basic statistics

International Dyslexia Society
One of the best organizations for supporting competent research in learning disabilities/dyslexia

Office of Special Education
Current information about new special education regulations/IDEA

LRP is a professional source for reliable source of information on special education law,
IDEA-97 regulations and Section 504/ADA requirements

IDEA Local Implementations (ILIAD & ASPIIRE)
A storehouse put together by CEC of everything you need to know about IDEA and then some…
this is where all the user-friendly materials are

Technical Assistance for Parents

ERIC Clearinghouse

The real thing…direct linkup to the Switzer Building in Washington D.C., where the US Dept. of Ed. makes its decisions

National Information Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities