Ordering Information To Access The Services Of ISSD

Please make a hardcopy of this page for your records.

When requesting the services of ISSD, you have two options:

The Research Only (RO) Plan

You have provided the description of your student and your content specifications. Now, PST will research options to meet that student’s unique needs across publishers/curricular materials. Within 7 days of receipt of your request by fax or regular mail, the results of our research efforts will be forwarded to you at the e-mail address provided, with hardcopy sent to the street address provided. A flat fee is charged for this service:

  • Up to 6 ISSD recommendations: $65.00
  • From 7 to 12 ISSD recommendations: $85.00

Purchase and Shipping (PS)

You can request that PST also order, evaluate, compile and ship materials to you. Using RO results, PST will then purchase prioritized materials on behalf of the registrant. We will check to see that those materials meet the specified needs to the extent expected. We will then ship out all materials to the registrant as one package. Such service may take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the publisher. Shipping costs will be added at FedEx rates. In addition to covering the costs of the materials and shipping charges, the registrant will pay a flat fee to cover professional services.

  • <$100-$300 of materials ordered: $75.00
  • $301-$500 of materials ordered: $90.00


With either RO or PS services, payment may be made by check, purchase order or charge card. Checks may be personal or business.* Charge card use requires personal authorization for billing with disclosure of charge card information via phone call to PST Educational Consultants (303-471-4142)**. A PO number is acceptable with disclosure of information requested on the order form ***.

(* Checks which do not clear will be assessed a $20 fee. **Purchases that do not clear a second charge card authorization will be assessed a $20 fee. ***If using POs, payment is expected within 45 days. Accounts receivable beyond 45 days will be assessed a 15% late charge each month.)

Here are two examples:

Johnny Jones, a 12 year old boy, has a language disorder. He is currently a 3rd grader. The registrant, his mom, has asked for both RO and PS services specific to written language. She has up to $450 budgetted. PST researches and gathers together $275 worth of materials. The registrant will be charged:

  • $275.00 for the materials purchased
  • $65.00 for the research and
  • $75.00 for purchasing, evaluating and packaging

which comes to $415.00 as a total fee for all services and materials, with shipping to be added based on current FedEx rates.

Mrs. Smith is a high school special education teacher. Mary is her student in English class. Mary has significant difficulties in reading comprehension and therefore needs modified English content. Mrs. Smith only has access to two educational catalogs from the school library, neither of which offer materials at Mary’s reading level. As she thinks about it, Mrs. Smith realizes that Mary’s reading comprehension difficulties are impacting more than just English… Mary could use modified materials for Biology and World History too. Mrs. Smith sends in information about Mary, requesting RO services. This registrant would receive and be charged:

7 to 12 titles, complete with author names, ISBN numbers, costs and publishers e-mail and street addresses, for $85.00.